• WFG Bottomline
    Closing Costs Program

  • WFG Bottomline
    Closing Costs Program

About WFG Bottomline Closing Costs Program

The WFG Bottomline Closing Costs Program is a Mobile Enabled Website and can be accessed by virtually all mobile devices and phones with web browsers. Free WFG Bottomline Mobile Apps from the iTunes® App Store for iPhones® and iPads® and Google Play™ for Android™ devices. Download yours Today!

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  • Calculate Closing Costs for Most Types of Financing

    Conventional, FHA, VA and USDA loan types are supported.

  • Multiple Formats for Prints and PDF Emails

    Customize your prints with pictures and videos

  • Mobile Apps for iPhone and iPad at the App Store

    Android supported Devices at the Android Play Store Every internet connected device is supported from its browser

  • Save and Retrieve Saved Files from any internet connected device anywhere in the world

    Save files on your iPhone or Android Phone, open them on your PC or Mac or iPad. Save files on any device and open it on any other internet connected device.